Geography of World – Continent – Asia

Asia is the largest continent on world.

Asia covers about 29.92% of world land mass.

Over 60% of human population reside on Asia

Number of countries : 48

Number of land-locked countries: 12

Deepest Lake : Baikal Lake,Russia

Widest Plateau: Tibetan Plateau

Highest Plateau: Pamir Plateau, Roof of World

Highest Mountain: Mount Everest,Nepal

Largest Sea: Caspain Sea

Biggest Desert: Arabian Desert

Biggest Country:Russia (covers area of both asia and europe), China

Smallest Country: Maldives

Biggest land-locked country- Kazakshtan

Double land-locked country- Uzbekistan

Country of volcanos : Indonesia

Longest river: Yangtze River, China

Lowest Point : Red Sea

Red sea separates Asia from Africa

Ural mountain separates Asia from Europe

Bearing sea separates Asia from North America

Russia and Turkey extends to both Asia and Europe

Lowest point of earth- Red Sea

Lowest valley- Arun valley

Deepest Point in earth-Mariana Trench


It is youngest continent in terms of formation.

International Lines

McMahon Line – India and China

Durand Line- Afghanistan and Pakistan

17 parallel- North and south Vietnam

24 parallel- India and Pakistan

38 parallel-North Korea and South Korea

Mannerheim Line- Russia and Finland

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