Dandruff are white flakes of dead skin on scalps. Scalps releasing dandruff in small and uniform amount wouldn’t cause an issue. Here are methods you can use to reduce and remove occurrence of dandruff


1. Never ignore dandruff.

Though the problem of dandruff is universal, one shouldn’t ignore it.  If ignored it may lead to more dandruff or you may fall into a scratch-and-itch cycle. Dandruff may not depart by itself, and ignoring it invitations a build-up of scaling. which could purpose itching, that can result in scratching. full of life scratching can wound the scalp and depart it open to contamination.

2. Use shampoo on daily basis.

Wash your hair often, even normal. typically, the extra often you shampoo, the less difficult it is to control dandruff.

3. Begin mild.

Frequently a slight, non-medicated shampoo is enough to manipulate the trouble. dandruff is often due to an overly oily scalp. shampooing day by day with a slight brand can manage the oil with out aggravating your scalp.

4. Switch your regular shampoo

If regular shampoos aren’t doing the activity, switch to an anti-dandruff method. dandruff shampoos are labeled with the aid of their energetic substances, which paintings in different methods. those with selenium sulphide or zinc pyrithione paintings quickest, retarding the fee at which scalp cells multiply. people with salicylic acid and sulphur loosen flakes so they may be washed away effortlessly. people with anti-bacterial agents reduce down bacteria at the scalp and decrease the threat of infection. those with tar retard cellular growth.

5. Be a lathering idiot

Regardless of what kind of dandruff shampoo you choose, lather up twice. paintings up the first lather as soon as you step into the bathe. gently rubdown your scalp along with your fingertips to help loosen scales and flakes, however do not rub so tough that you scratch your scalp. leave the shampoo on until you are pretty much finished together with your shower. then rinse your hair very very well and observe that with a short second lather and rinse. the second rinse will depart simply a bit of the medicine on your scalp so it can paintings until your next shampoo.

6. Get into conditioner.

Dandruff shampoos are effective, however they can be harsh to your hair. if your hair turns into unmanageable, trade a dandruff shampoo along with your regular brand. practice conditioner after each shampoo to counteract its results.

7. Strike oil

Despite the fact that excess scalp oil (from the oil glands) can purpose problems, an occasional warm-oil remedy allows loosen and melt dandruff scales. heat a little oil till simply warm. moist your hair, and then practice the oil at once on your scalp. section your hair as you cross so that you deal with just the scalp. leave the oil on for at least 30 minutes, and then wash it out with a dandruff shampoo.

8. Expose yourself.

A little solar exposure is good for dandruff, say dermatologists. but by using all method, use solar feel. do not sunbathe; just spend time outside. restriction sun publicity to half-hour or much less per day. and use a sunscreen on uncovered pores and skin.

9. Reduce stress

Don’t let pressure go to your head. emotions can play a role in triggering or worsening pores and skin situations inclusive of dandruff. these situations are frequently made worse by way of pressure. so if your feelings are overtaxed, look for ways to counteract the pressure. exercising. meditate. study a book by using a flake and cool your head off.


  • whilst you shampoo your hair, strive now not to scratch your scalp too much.
  • try and avoid placing to many chemical substances for your hair together with hair dye.
  • try to manage your strain better. exact great sleep and meditation ought to assist you de-stress.
  • brush your hair as a minimum as soon as an afternoon. shampoo it at least three instances every week.
  • cut down for your use of hair products inclusive of gel and spray until your dandruff calms down.
  • smooth your comb ordinary. attempt the use of a great nice barbicide (the blue liquid you could have visible your barber or hairdresser using to save their combs and clippers etc)
  • get extra vitamin b on your food plan. encompass more seafood, fresh greens and nuts in your food plan.
  • don’t wash your hair in difficult water. if you live in an area with difficult water, have a clear out outfitted, or wash your hair with bottled water.
  • trade your shampoo. every so often you’ll be the use of a shampoo which just would not agree with your scalp and can certainly agitate the sebaceous glands and reason dandruff. once you’ve found a shampoo that works for you, stay with it.


For the ones of you who prefer to do things the natural manner there are masses of alternatives that you have.

  • yogurt makes an high-quality hair conditioner. after washing your hair, strive rubbing some plain yogurt into your scalp. depart it for 10 of 15 minutes to do its stuff. rinse your hair via with a vinegar water mix (you do not need an awful lot vinegar, just a tablespoon in a bowl of water). after you’ve got rinsed with the vinegar water, rinse it again with warm water till it is easy. you can then wash your hair thru with a bit shampoo if you desire.
  • boil the peels of a lemon or in 1 liter of water for 15-20 mins. let it cool and rinse your hair with this solution approximately as soon as per week.
  • mix the juice of 1/2 a lemon with four tablespoons of warmed olive oil (glaringly now not hot, simply heat. you do not need burn yourself). rub the aggregate into the roots earlier than washing your hair with a slight shampoo.
  • get a few boric acid powder. this is to be had on the chemist or online and it is also used as a watch wash. heat any natural oil together with olive oil, coconut oil or castor oil, add one teaspoon of boric powder and allow it to dissolve. component your hair into separate sections and follow the oil and rubdown it nicely into the scalp. keep it on for 2-three hours or preferably overnight if you could, after which wash your hair in the morning. try this procedure once every week and in case your dandruff is stubborn, attempt it two times every week.
  • mix tablespoons of malt or cider vinegar into a mug of heat water. after you’ve got washed your hair and rinsed it of shampoo, do a final rinse with this vinegar blend. do that of three times per week.
  • take 2 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds, depart them to soak in a single day. in the morning grind them into a high-quality paste. this paste ought to be applied at the scalp and left for half of an hour. the hair ought to be then washed thoroughly with slight shampoo.
  • upload a drop of tea tree oil on your normal shampoo. tea tree oil has been used for hundreds of years and is a pretty powerful anti-septic and anti-fungal substance. it is works brilliant to fight dandruff.

Over-the-counter treatments.

if the herbal domestic-treatments aren’t supporting to put off dandruff, you may want to try a number of the many medicated shampoos which can be to be had over-the-counter, t-gel and head & shoulders being two which spring to thoughts. attempt to get an ordeal sized pattern of any logo medicated shampoo earlier than making a purchasing. a few manufacturers my paintings better for you than a few others, due to the fact they may be pretty harsh some medicated shampoos may also even get worse your dandruff trouble by stressful your skin. so store round till you find one which works.

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