Sewer Appurtenances

Different components used in sewer system is called sewer appurtenances.


Manhole are circular sewer structure constructed with brick along the sewer network to allow for control, repair, and surveillance of sewer system.

It is kept at a spacing of 10-50m in general. If the sewer system have bend then they are provided at closer system whereas in straight portions the manhole can be provided at a spacing upto 200m.

Drop manhole

Drop manhole are similar to manhole. They are provided when height of drop is greater than 1.5m. The sewer network is diverted with a wye to reduce to depth of drop


Lamphole are small outlets provided along the sewer system to check for blockage. In the case of sewer blockage light is shown from one manhole , lamp is used to observe light , and other person in checking next manhole for light passage. If light can passage through first manhole and lamphole, but not on third manhole . Then blockage exist along lamphole to second manhole.

Inverted syphon:

Inverted syphon is used to syphon the sewerage under river or bridge. The pressure should be sufficient such that there is no sewerage deposit at base of inverted syphon.

Grease and oil trap

Grease and oil trap is used to trap grease and oil present in sewer which can hinder the cost,time and efficiency of seweage treatment plant

Storm water inlet

Strom water inlet are structure to pass the water to sewage network.

Catch drain

Catch drain are provided with screen to catch the storm water and pass to disposal unit.

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