Classification of Soil on the basis of mode of transportation

Soil is formed by disintegration of rocks. The disintegrated rock particles then get transported by different natural agents like wind , water, etc either to same place as origin of rock or towards new region. The transported soil then gets deposited and keeps on increasing in quantity. Natural events continue to occur , the soil deposited once again get eroded and process of erosion-transportation-deposition-upheaval keeps on repeating.

Types of Soil on the basis of mode of transport

Alluvial Soil

Soil deposited due to flowing water. Soil gets eroded, transported and deposited due to action of water

Aeolian Soil

Soil deposited due to wind. Wind blows disintegrated particles from one place to another.


Soil deposited due to glacier action. Glacier disintegrates large boulders, gravel. It consumes all these particles and slowly transport it downstream. Over the course of time , soil gets deposited at edges of glacier that comes in contact with land

Lacustrine Soil

Soil deposited beneath lake is called lacustrine soil.


Soil deposited due to gravity action.

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